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The Mediation Experts is an alternative dispute resolution organisation with a team of professionals who assist the parties to resolve disputes and conflict efficiently, quickly and effectively, without the stress, expense and unknown result of litigation. The Mediation Experts assists parties in identifying, explaining and exploring the issues, discussing options and seeking a mutual resolution.

Farley S. Tolpen is the Founder and CEO of The Mediation Experts. Farley is an international mediator, arbitrator, trainer and lawyer with over 35 years experience mediating, arbitrating and litigating. His areas of expertise include Family Law, Estates, Workplace, Commercial and Business Law, Real Estate and Construction. Farley is dual-qualified in Australia and the United States and a member of both the Queensland Law Society and California State Bar. He is also accredited as a National Mediator, certified as a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and a registered Family Law Arbitrator. Farley has mediated over 4000 matters with a 90% success rate. Farley brings a wealth of practical litigation knowledge in two continents to the complexity, time consuming, costly, non-financial motives and strategic objectives of the parties, their lawyers and the courts in the litigation process.

Farley’s belief in the real-world efficiencies and effectiveness of mediation and conciliation instead of a cumbersome and costly litigation process, saw him widen his professional mediation practice to the United States and Australia and leading the establishment of like-minded colleagues in launching The Mediation Experts in Australia.


Client Testimonials

“I wanted to pass on that the way the matter was handled was professional and helpful. The mediation hearing and process conducted by Mr. Farley Tolpen led to a greater understanding of what occurred and gave us the opportunity to work out a solution. I just want to pass on our appreciation for the way the matter was handled.”

T. White

“Thank you Farley for your understanding and patience today. While I did not benefit from the session, that was not due to your role as a mediator. I found your role as the mediator to be very professional and impartial and today was the first time I truly experienced an unbiased mediator and that is a real credit to your style.”

Damien Sly

"Farley was professional and of great assistance. He thoroughly explained the process and was impartial and fair. Farley recognised when their was tension or problems before they occurred and he was able to call private sessions and diffuse the issues. "

Kelly Rooney


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