I enjoy my work as a mediator and I find that time passes quickly when I am in the middle of a mediation. I recently held a session between two parties and their respective lawyers. The dispute had been going on for more than 4 years and a great deal of money was involved. There
Cyclones cause havoc and so do disputes. Today, I spent hours hosing down my driveway and veranda. As I was guerneying, I came to realize that the skillset needed to achieve a good result was similar to that needed for a successful mediation: Patience. You cannot go any faster than the clients/guerney equipment; Mindfulness. You

Mediation – the 90% solution

MEDIATION – THE 90% SOLUTION It has been my experience that around 90 per cent of conflicts are resolved at mediation. I achieve this high success rate because of a combination of two factors.  One is my ability to work impartially with understanding and respect and build rapport with each of the protagonists and/or their

Mediation – reflection & appointment

As we enter the new year and I reflect on my life as a mediator, I am proud of my achievements. I have a passion for mediation. The results are reflected in the feedback I receive from clients and the fact that around 90% of all matters that I mediate reach resolution. Concomitantly, I have