My passion for mediation

After over 20 years as a mediator, my passion for dispute resolution and assisting parties resolve conflict burns brightly. I find it as exciting and rewarding now as I did 20 years ago. I look forward with anticipation to upcoming mediations. The passion I have for mediation extends to my role as a mediator. As

My role as a mediator

You see, my role as a mediator is like chemistry. I am the alkaline solution that neutralises the chemicals and stops the explosion. I assist parties with peace and ending the conflict. As a mediator, it’s my job to deal with people in a fair, transparent and equal process.  I have to have the skills
I recently had a tough commercial mediation.   It took eight long hours of negotiation until, finally, we reached agreement. By the time I got home I was exhausted.  My head was buzzing from a powerful range of emotions, both negative and positive.   I was hungry and tired but also satisfied with my performance. As I

Sport is a metaphor for mediation

After a lifetime of playing, coaching and refereeing, I have come to the conclusion that sports psychology can be applied to mediation.  Both require preparation, discipline and patience.  Your mind needs to be calm, mindful, balanced and you shouldn’t take things too personally.  During mediation, as with sport, the players experience a range of emotions.