The joy of mediation

Somebody asked me the other day why I liked conducting mediations.  I explained that rather like solving the Rubik’s cube or a difficult crossword puzzle, I really enjoy the challenge of finding a way to resolve a seemingly insolvable conflict.   In fact I find I have about a 90% success rate. To illustrate my point,

Masterful – Chef?

Take about 40 people from all walks of life; CEOs, COOs, HR, Managers, Department Heads.   Gather in a training session and mix for three hours. Engage their attention, stir it up a bit and apply a bit of heat….. How does workplace conflict occur? How to recognize it? How to manage difficult employees? What do
Yesterday I conducted a training session for about 50 QUT Masters Students on the topic of How to Manage Conflict in the Workplace.  The students were all professionals among them doctors, nurses, managers and department heads. They came from all over the world including India, China, Solomon Islands, New Zealand and Australia. It was a

Why mediation prevails over litigation

Sometimes the litigants aren’t the only antagonists. Recently I was asked to mediate in a matter that was already in its 4th year.  There had been 3 prior mediations.  There was a huge amount of anger and there were accusations of fraud, deceit, misrepresentation and thievery.  The litigants had already forked out in excess of