By Farley Tolpen, CEO.  I mediated a matter between two employees who worked in the same department for a medium sized company. Mutual cooperation was necessary for their positions and the company’s success. Unfortunately, there was a complete lack of communication and a high level of conflict between them with accusations of fraud, harassment and

Mediation – The Process of Healing

Mediation – The Process of Healing By Farley Tolpen, CEO. So what do you do when you have two parties at each other’s throats for over 4 years? This was one of those classic situations you see every day in cheesy 80’s sitcoms. This involved two people who were constantly shouting at each other and
By Farley Tolpen, CEO.  I was recently asked how I could maintain my sanity as a mediator and human with all the conflict and strife in the world. We discussed the ongoing confllct in Syria, Iran, Nigeria, Sudan, Egypt, Israel, Ukraine and with the boat people. I explained that I am saddened by violence, senseless
By Farley Tolpen, CEO.  In the past year, I have mediated several matters involving multiple parties and complex issues.  I recently mediated a complex matter involving multiple parties and their lawyers. There was a long history and complicated facts involving international law, deep rooted emotional issues and multiple agreements, both written and oral. If the