Successful Mediation Without Resolution

While a large majority (around 90%) of all mediations resolve, some do not. I recently mediated a commercial matter with multiple parties and complex issues. While we did not resolve the matter in its entirety, the parties managed to resolve several issues. The parties also may return upon investigation of other issues. One of the

A Good Mediation Resolution

One of the interesting aspects of mediation occurs when there is a relatively small amount in dispute. I recently mediated a matter where the only dispute was how the parties were to divide the proceeds from the family residence after sale. The total amount in dispute was approximately $35,000 after the parties resolved a separate
By Farley Tolpen, CEO.  I estimate that I have mediated around 3,000 matters with about 65% involving lawyers and their clients. Approximately 90% of mediations with lawyers involved have resolved. I recently conducted a mediation in which there was a history of litigation and acrimony between the parties. The lawyers had also issues between them.

Another Successful Mediation

By Farley Tolpen, CEO.  I recently conducted a mediation between ex-partners who had not spoken in 6 months. There was bitterness and antagonism on both sides. The father had not seen the children during that time and missed them terribly. We started the mediation process as a shuttle mediation. About 2 hours into the mediation,