Commercial conflict resolution & mediation

Commercial disputes arise where there is a disagreement which arises in commerce or trade. A commercial dispute will involve money, whether lost or owed. The effect of the dispute can cause loss of enormous amounts of time, energy and resources.  Business relationships can be irrevocably destroyed. Litigation can be prolonged and expensive and fail to reach a timely and fair result.

How the Mediation Experts address commercial disputes

Mediation brings parties together to discuss issues in a non-adversarial and respectful way. We explore with the parties the underlying causes of the dispute, options around the issues, and foster better communication.

Our goal is to assist the parties in finding effective strategies for positive outcomes whether it is working to create beneficial relationships or resolving the matter in a mutually constructive way. The parties are provided with a safe, comfortable setting to address issues of conflict that have arisen.

The mediation process provides the parties with an opportunity to reflect on why they were doing business in the first place and where they want to go in either a further business relationship or a constructive termination of the relationship.

Issues we address with commercial mediation

  • Price
  • Contractual Claims
  • Timeframe
  • Quantity of Product or Service
  • Claims of Release of Liability
  • Counterclaims
  • Claim of Deduction or Offset
  • Monies Owed

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