Conflict resolution & mediation for property matters

Whether you are a real estate agent, first time home buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, disputes regarding transactions do arise. In some instances, the parties cannot resolve the dispute and it results in costly delays in the transaction and expensive and protracted litigation.

The effect of the dispute can cause a loss of enormous amounts of time, energy and resources. Business relationships can be destroyed. Parties may experience a wide range of emotions including anger, frustration, sadness, bitterness, grief, resentment, rejection and a sense of loss.

How the Mediation Experts address real estate issues

Mediation is a time efficient and cost-effective way to brings parties together to discuss issues in a non-adversarial and respectful way. We explore the underlying causes of the dispute, explore options around the issues, foster better communication and find positive strategies of outcomes.

Our goal is to assist the parties in finding effective strategies for positive outcomes whether it is working on creating mutual benefit of the relationship or resolving the matter in a mutually constructive way. The parties are provided with a safe, comfortable setting to address issues of conflict that have arisen.

The mediation process provides the parties with an opportunity to work together and control the decision making process and create a “win-win” situation by reaching a mutual resolution.

Issues we address with real estate mediation

• Breach of Contract
• Repair Issues
• Failure to Disclose
• Inspection
• Breach of Duty
• Deposit
• Co-owners Dispute
• Commercial and Residential Lease Issues
• Communication
• Specific Performance
• Divorce or Separation
• Boundary Disputes
• Easements
• Zoning and Land Use

• Natural Disasters
• Title
• Foreclosures
• Partnership/Joint Denture Dissolutions
• Strata Issues
• Insurance Coverage Issues
• Commission Disputes
• Title Issues
• Trees and Fences
• Partition Actions
• Boundary Disputes
• Buyer v. Seller


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