Conflict, negotiation, mediation & workplace training

Farley S. Tolpen offers dynamic, interactive, entertaining sessions from 1 hour to a day.  Farley has provided training to members of the Queensland Law Society, QUT, Australian Institute of Company Directors, various law firms, accounting firms, medical practitioners, workplaces and other orgnaisations.

The Mediation Experts offer the following training & education:

Lawyers & Law firms:

  • Conflict
  • How to Recognize Difficult Clients – Red Flags
  • Types of Difficult Clients
  • Types of Difficult Lawyers
  • How to Deal with Difficult and/or Irrational Clients
  • How to Deal with Difficult Lawyers
  • How to Negotiate and Achieve Success at Mediation
  • How I Manage Mediation to Reach the Parties Goals
  • How to Manage Stress and look after yourself/staff/family
  • How to Remain Resilient in the Storm

Workplace training:

  1. Reasons for Workplace Conflict
    • Building Collaborative Working Relationships
    • Open and Honest Communication
    • Creating a Management Philosophy
    • Fostering a Culture of Engaged Employees
    • Social and Community Involvement and Interactions
    • Training
  2. How to Prevent Workplace Conflict
  3. How to Manage Workplace Conflict
    • How to Deal with Difficult Employees/Clients
    • i. Elements that Amplify Conflict
    • ii. Strategies to Manage Difficult Behaviour
    • Informal Methods of Conflict Resolution
    • Formal Methods of Conflict Resolution
    • i. Facilitated Conversations
    • ii. Conferencing
    • iii. Mediation – In-house v. External
    • iv. Arbitration
    • v. Settlement Conference

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