Minimising stress through will & probate mediation

The death of a family member causes substantial grief, loss and stress. A dispute over a will or estate can exacerbate an already emotionally charged and volatile situation. This type of dispute can destroy or permanently damage family relationships.

Parties may experience a range of emotions from anger, frustration, grief, guilt, resentment, rejection, helplessness, bitterness, sadness, failure, pain and a sense of loss. Litigation can prolong and accelerate these range of emotions and anguish suffered by all parties.

How the Mediation Experts address will & estate conflict

Estate mediation brings parties together to discuss issues in a non-adversarial and respectful way. We explore with the parties the underlying causes of the dispute, options around the issues and foster better communication

Our goal is to assist the parties in finding effective strategies for positive outcomes. It also can begin the process of healing wounds, building mutual respect and understanding between family members and lifelong relationships. The parties are provided with a safe, comfortable setting to address there needs, concern and issues of conflict that have arisen.

The mediation process assists the parties in jointly sorting out their differences without expensive, time-consuming and emotionally charged litigation. The neutral and impartial mediator facilitates the cooperative mediation process in which the parties jointly reach a mutual resolution.

Will & estate issues we address with mediation

  • Will Disputes
  • Trust Disputes
  • Family Maintenance/Provision Claims
  • Executor Duties and Issues
  • Challenging Transactions
  • Domestic and International Estates
  • Guardianship

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