Workcover, injury & compensation mediation

Workcover claims occur where a person is injured in the course of employment. The injured party can file a workers compensation claim for damages with the insurance carrier of the employer. Litigation can prolong and accelerate the injuries, emotions and anguish suffered by all parties.

If the claim cannot be initially resolved, litigation may ensue. Litigation can be prolonged and expensive and fail to reach a timely and fair result.

How the Mediation Experts address Workcover issues

Mediation brings parties together to discuss issues in a non-adversarial and  respectful way. We explore options with the parties and find positive strategies of outcomes in a mutually constructive way.

The parties are provided with a safe, comfortable setting to address issues of conflict that have arisen. The advantages of the mediation process are that it can lead to less risk and quicker, cost-effective resolution of a dispute for all parties.

The mediation process is also a tool for the parties to have an impartial and neutral party assist in the evaluation and assessment of the claim and defenses and assist the parties in reaching a mutual resolution of the matter.

Mediation in Workcover matters can occur as follows:

  • Prior to the filing of an action known as a pre-proceeding conference; or,
  • After litigation has been undertaken.

Issues we address with Workcover mediation

  • Physical Injuries including Fractures, Sprains, Dislocations, Concussions, Lacerations and Strain
  • Mental Injuries including Stress and Anxiety
  • Diseases
  • Aggravation or Exacerbation of Preexisting Condition
  • Death from an Injury or Disease

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